Have fun with team building programs

Vall Tours is a company specialized in the organization of creative and fun team building programs that we organize in Varaždin, but also in other parts of Croatia and abroad. We can organize team building for you as an independent program, as part of a longer program (eg games followed by lunch and socializing) or as part of an all-day or multi-day excursion.

We can realize the programs with guidance in Croatian or English language.

Over the past years, we have organized team building programs for small groups of 10 people, and up to large ones with over a hundred participants.

Among our clients we can highlight companies like Telemach, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Republic of Croatia, Valamar (in cooperation with the travel agency Aviomar), Knauf Insulation, Limes Plus, Point Visible, Haix obuća d.o.o. (in cooperation with the Insula travel agency), Ford Croatia (in cooperation with the Fakat agency), etc.

The team building programs we organize can be divided into three basic groups:

1. Quest with tasks
In this form of the program, the participants are divided into groups and in a certain area (eg the center of the city of Varaždin) in a certain period of time (90 minutes or more) they have to complete different tasks that earn them points. The location for this program can be in any location according to the client's wishes - in the center of a place, in nature, in a museum and the like

2. Disc golf
For companies that want to take their employees to nature and introduce them to a lesser-known outdoor activity, we offer a program related to the sport of disc golf. This sport, which can also be described as golf played using a frisbee, is easy to play, the basics are easy to learn, and people of all ages can participate in it.
We can organize disc golf team building on one of the existing disc golf courses (Varaždin, Toplice Sveti Martin, Stubičke Toplice, Platak, Labin) or with our portable equipment at any suitable location according to the client's wishes.

3. Quiz and indoor games
For team building programs at seasons when the weather conditions are worse, or for companies that prefer gatherings indoors, we can organize a quiz or different combinations of games indoors (restaurant, hotel, etc.)